myUse version 3.6

I finally had some time to spare and created version 3.6. Still no iCloud support though, this is another minor update, fixing some bugs and adding a few features. Most important new feature is the ability to change the starting date for a meter (instead of the 1th of January).
It has been submitted to Apple and ought to be out soon. (Still need to update the screenshots as well).

data style or data item

Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been a little busy the last few weeks with my regular job, taking care of my kids and illness. Meaning that I haven’t been able to keep up with my plan to release every two months. I’ve missed that deadline almost a month ago.

It does not mean that I haven’t done anything. The migration to iCloud is a very big one and I need to do some extra thorough testing before I actually release that feature.

myUse 3.4, missing graph background on iPad and iOS 6 issues

It seems that I had not thoroughly tested the 3.4 update. This resulted in lacking a background image on the iPad version, a black letters on black background on iOS 6 devices and a unquitable contact button.
As soos as I heard about these problems, I started working on the 3.4.1 update. This update is currently in review at Apple and should become available soon.

The following updates will get some more polishing and will finally gain new features too.

myUse and iOS 7

Just a quick note that I am working on fixing some issues with myUse and iOS 7. Main issue is a crash that occurs with fresh meters on iPads and on the graph tab of iPhones.
I expect to send the update to Apple this weekend (personal deadline is the 22nd of September 2013). It will probably take a week to pass the process within Apple, so expect an update to be available next weekend.

Update 2013-09-22: The new 3.4 version has been submitted to Apple. It will become available after Apple has checked and approved the update. Also expect a new design with this update.

Minor update: version 3.3 out now

I did not have the time to finish a major update, so only some minor features and updates in this release:
- When relaunching myUse on a new day, the date is adjusted to the new day.
- For Dropbox users, it is now possible to use the same file for importing and exporting measurements.
- Minor bugfixes.

Get the app here:

I also noticed an anonymous 1 star review of myUse from a user called VerstraeteT. Giving bugreports directly to me is way easier than giving an anonymous complaint as a review. I made a short YouTube video showing how to add and delete meters in the iPad instance of myUse: Hope it helps VerstraeteT.

Update 3.2 is out!

The new update of myUse is ready. This update contains the following changes/fixes.

- complete Dutch translation
- a crash on iPhone 5 (via Settings -> meter)
- adding new meters on iPad
- renaming meters

Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions. All suggestions end up on the todo list. I try to release an update every other month, but it depends a bit on how much spare time I have for developing myUse. Getting the translation done took me a bit more time than I had anticipated. For the next update I’ll need to translate all of the text to Swedish.

I would also like to get some feedback and suggestions on how to change / improve the layout of the iPad version. Of course that does not mean that iPhone suggestions aren’t welcome.

Slight delay: flu

Due to a severe case of the flu I am unable to get the new version of myUse out as quickly as I would. I am aware that there are some issues with adding and deleting meters on the iPad version.

I am still working on the update and expect to send the update to Apple next Monday.

myUse has become multiverse!

It has taken way longer than I originally thought, but now it is finally there: full iPad support for myUse. This release also fixes the issue for iPad users that where still on iOs version 5.1.

myUse became multiverse

I also introduced another new feature for iPhone users: a built in flashlight, making it easier to read your meters, when it is tucked away in a dark place. It also saves you the need of buying a flashlight app. Just press the lightbulb button to switch on or off your flashlight. (The lightbulb is only there on devices that actually have a built in flashlight).

As I am not extremely happy with the current iPad layout of the app, I welcome suggestions to improve the layout. Meanwhile, if you haven’t got it already, download the myUse from the App Store (or tell your friends to get it from there. :)